Zodiac signs are a passing curiosity for most people. You can read the forecasts in newspapers and on websites or watch YouTube videos for your daily fix. However, there comes a point when commercial books and other primary sources won’t suffice.

Luckily, you can join various groups and associations across Canada. Such groups teach mathematical techniques, consultations, chart rectification and other skills. Here are some of these groups.

Atlantic Professional Astrologers’ Association, Nova Scotia

This association has a very active group of members from all over Nova Scotia. The network stretches from Quebec to South of Maine. This group holds regular meetings in libraries and other public spaces. Here they give free public lectures, readings and offer enlightenment programs.

Vancouver Astrology, British Colombia

Renowned astrologer Toby Aldren leads this group. Aldren lives in Vancouver, where he teaches and consults on every aspect of astrology. You can take part in his three-term classes that will touch on the basics up to advanced concepts.

Natalie L. Dinsdale, Saskatchewan

Natalie L. Dinsdale has a Ph.D. with a keen focus on the evolution of astrology. You can get together a group of like-minded individuals and invite her to a meeting. You’ll each receive personal readings, and custom made lectures. Feel free to book her services for any event to spice things up.

Astrology Toronto, Ontario

This association has been empowering the public by promoting astrology since 1991. They present lectures and workshops each year to thousands of members and non-members. You can also join their extensive network to socialize as you gain a deeper appreciation for the art of astrology.

The Manitoba Astrology Association

This group started with a small meeting in Winnipeg. They formed an association in 1997 that now holds educational seminars all over Manitoba. Joining this group will help you enhance your understanding of this art as well as empower your daily practice. They also host leading Canadian and international astrologers each year. Therefore, you should consider joining if you live in Manitoba.

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa

This society hosts various monthly meetups at the Ottawa center. Each meetup has a different host, and the themes vary. You can get information on the next meeting on their website or social media pages. Every session covers some of the basics as well as advanced concepts. You can also get a group of friends together and host a meetup under this society’s auspice. They also run podcasts and have regular publications on all things astrology.