The practice of looking to the stars and other celestial bodies originates from Mesopotamia. Such a study goes beyond the natural movements of such bodies. Each celestial body has individual characteristics and energies.

They also interact with each other to create unique fields of energy that have varying effects on our daily life. Therefore, a deeper understanding of planetary alignments and shifts can enhance your knowledge of astrology. Here are a few celestial bodies and the effects they have on your daily life.

The Sun

The sun rules over Leo, and according to astrologists, it is the center of the universe. It’s light shines on everything around us; therefore, it represents our ego, life force, and our driving passions. Embracing your placement in this celestial body leads to a cheerier perspective on life and more fulfillment.

The Moon

The moon rules over Cancer and represents the deep emotions that we can’t express. It’s like a mom; caring, compassionate, and ready to listen. Shifts to the positioning of the moon breed uncertainty. For the rest of the time, it’s light will make you feel safe and secure.


Venus is the Greek goddess of love, who rules over Libra and Taurus. Its light fills everyone with sensual and passionate energies. Such forces create a drive for spending money on frivolous things and pampering yourself.


Everything in life is in turmoil when it is in retrograde. This is because it’s light shines a witty and fresh hue on Virgo and Gemini. It’s the Greek messenger god. Therefore most communication gets jammed whenever it moves away from us.


Jupiter rules over Sagittarius, the hunter. Therefore, it brings you excellent luck that can translate into substantial winnings when you play as you gaze at the planet. It also brings personal growth, opportunity, and a philosophical vibe.


This body rules over the ever-fiery Aries. Its light calls us into action. It also fuels us with aggression and raw energy. You are more likely to go by your basic instincts when Mars is in play.


This ice giant rules over the underworld and all broody Scorpios. Its transformative energies are behind all transitions in life. Such transformations include birth and death, an day and night, as well as all beginnings and endings. Embracing this celestial body can give you profound insight into the universe.


This planet awakens originality, progressiveness, and controversy in all of us. It rules over Aquarius. The light from this body gives everyone the inspiration to go after new challenges.